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Bring your business to life with a new logo

Whether you are just getting your business started or you want a refresh of the face of your brand, Bright Startups can help with your logo design.

Our highly-talented logo designers in nairobi can work with you to create a unique, 'stand-out' logo that is both original and impressive. We can also help you re-design your existing logo and update it, giving it a modern appeal. We will take into consideration your business objectives and budget to ensure that your logo has a face which reflects your brand's personality.

The way your business is perceived by the market is heavily driven by your corporate identity and brand. That's why it's imperative you get this initial style of your business right. We can assist you with your logo and go a step further to your style guide and creation of this identity. The tone of message, colour consistency, fonts that are legible yet speak your identity, and photography style all play a huge part in the building blocks of your business and the way you will be perceived.

As part of our business logo design services in nairobi, we will review your needs, research the market you're competing in, and create a unique customer logo which considers all potential applications (print, web, apparel). After all, there's no point having a beautiful looking logo design that looks fabulous on paper, but is so intricate that it can't be used on embroidered products or other small applications. We're here to help balance looking good with being effective and giving your company an identity.

Once you are happy with your new logo, we can then rollout these changes to your other collateral such as your business cards, stationery, brochures and flyers. All of your marketing material will look refreshed with your new or updated business logo.

At Bright Startups, we understand the importance of getting your branding right and ensuring that it's consistent across all of your marketing mediums. Our logo design team is based in nairobi, and we can work with you throughout the entire process, from the design stages, to print and right through to delivery – we do it all.

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