Why Every Professional Should Have A Personal Website

Why Every Professional Should Have A Personal Website

Why Every Professional Should Have A Personal Website

Job seekers and business leaders have to stay sharp if they want to have a chance in this hyper-competitive market. They have to make sure their skills are up-to-date and their resumes are polished, but self-promotion is becoming increasingly important to getting noticed.

For an increasing number of professionals, a personal website is the answer. According to research 56% of people surveyed felt that websites were the best self-promotion tool currently available.

Your resume alone may not be enough to land your next job. There is mounting proof that having a personal website is a powerful way to differentiate yourself and share your softer side. A personal website provides more insight into a candidate than a traditional resume alone. Here's why you need a personal website:

1. Your personality shines through your website. Companies receive hundreds of resumes for a single job posting. A personal website provides you with the opportunity to separate yourself from the crowd and highlight in greater detail the assets that make you a desirable candidate. HR professionals surveyed agreed that a personal website can provide a competitive advantage for job seekers in the market for a new job.

2. You seem more human when you have a website. A resume is a sterile document, often void of personal information that shows your interests, how you process information and what motivates you. Due to limitations on how long a resume should be – either one or two pages – the resume also lacks the space necessary to tell your full story, unlike the personal website.

HR professionals want to learn more about you and are looking for personal qualities that aren't easily evident on a resume. Furthermore, half the survey respondents believe a personal website helps to humanize a candidate.

3. A personal website is a tie-breaker. Let's say you have a personal website listed on your resume, and another candidate with similar qualifications doesn't. What helps recruiters make a decision on who to call? Four in 10 surveyed recruiters would be more inclined to contact a candidate with the personal website when considering two candidates with seemingly equal qualifications.

4. You can write your way to your new job. If writing is a strength, and perhaps a major component of the jobs you are pursuing, flaunt it. Providing samples of your work is evidence recruiters can see and evaluate. You can add written content to your personal website, submit an article to a professional association you belong to or even add a long post to your LinkedIn profile. According to the study, more than 25 percent of recruiters feel self-authored articles relating to work or volunteer activities could boost a candidates chances.

5. Increase your odds of being found. Many recruiters find themselves searching online for the perfect candidate. When you have a personal website, that small piece of digital terrain you own could turn up in a recruiter's search results. Savvy recruiters realize they can't completely rely on a resume database, and the survey findings back this up. More than half of recruiters conduct an active online search in addition to considering online resume submissions.

6. An online presence is the wave of the future. Get a jump start on this growing trend. Research shows that only 4 percent of people currently have a personal website, so you'll stand out as an early adopter of the trend. Plus, you'll learn a few new skills along the way. 83 percent of HR professionals said their jobs will become more dependent on online content over the next five years.

7. Most First Impressions Now Happen Online According to Google, 80% of people research others online before meeting them for the first time. That number jumps to 95% when talking about employers researching candidates. A beautifully-designed and well-written website gives you the best chance of making that crucial first impression a great one.

8. A Website Gives Your Content More Attention Research has shown that people spend more time on websites than they do on a given social networking profile. Without distractions like ads, third-party branding, and other users' profiles competing for visitors' attention, you can take your time to explain yourself and what you are looking for and have the message stick.

9. A Website Sends A Strong Professional Message For years, prominent authors, musicians, politicians, and other personalities have used websites to raise their profiles and provide a place to showcase their careers. Having your own website sends a message that you care about your professional image, and good, relevant content shows you put time and thought into your job.

10. Can help you close more sales Good salespeople know how important it is to make personal connections with their clients. Whether it's a shared hobby, life philosophy, or experience, making some sort of connection with your audience reminds them that you are a real person. Websites give you a chance to talk about your interests and experiences in a way that is difficult to do on a resume, and gives visitors a number of chances to make those important connections.

Do you want a personal website to help you in your business or career?

Comments [ 3 ]

  1. ADMIN

    Posted on: 2020-04-21 13:32:50

    Yes Mr NAFTAL. They are similar in a way but each serves a different function. With a personal website you get to do more, share more. Any direction you wish to take with a personal profile is possible (example you could turn it in to a blog), linkedin tends to be limited in terms of usage, creativity and ownership.


    Posted on: 2020-04-21 13:31:36

    Is personal website different from LinkedIn profiles?

  3. Victor

    Posted on: 2019-09-02 10:01:23

    Very true it's has made me learn something,thinking of having my personal website

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